Briggs Oil Seal Leak


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Question Briggs Oil Seal Leak

DeVilbiss Pressure Washer WGV1721
FAIP Pump PK16861
Briggs Model 12F702 Type 0758-01 Code 97062356

I have a pressure washer that starts easy, engine runs good and pump works well. However, the Briggs Engine on the pressure washer leaks oil around the top oil seal (under the fly wheel). I removed the oil seal and found that the seal was “loose” and not seated in the crankcase around the crankshaft. I reseated the oil seal, reassembled the engine. The engine still leaked oil.

I then replaced the oil seal with a new one. I made sure that the seal was well seated. After replacing the oil seal, the engine is still leaking oil. I checked the crankshaft. The crankshaft has some play and can be moved back and forth against the seal. I’m not sure if this is normal or not.

Any ideas?
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Make sure the area of the crankshaft that is in contact with the seal is clean and shiney. Clean it good with emery cloth. Make sure you clean up all the surfaces very well after you work anything over to remove all the debris or that will lead to future problems. A dirty surface will be rough and will tend to grind at the edges of the seal and it won't hold oil. The crankshaft should also be smooth in the area and free of any grooves. You should also measure the crank diameter in that area to be sure that it's the proper size for the seal that your using. I very seldom have any oil leakage after replacing an oil seal when everything else is right. A little crankshaft end play would be normal and necessary. Shoot for about 0.005 inches. If you have a bunch more than that there's a problem somewhere, probably worn out parts.

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