Older Airens Snowblower - Briggs & statton will not idle


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Scouter D
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Older Airens Snowblower - Briggs & statton will not idle

We have at our camp - a fomerly great running Airens snowblower. It fact it still runs at higher speed fine.
It however - stalls at idle. It only appears to have one
jet to adjust. This was donated to the camp in 1978
almost new - and still in ver good condition.

Took the carb appart - but can not seem to find any
idle jet or low speed adjustment.

Any help would be just wonderful. We do not have
resources to replace the snowblower at this time.
Located just south of Buffalo NY
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do you have screw under the carburator.if so it's the air ajuster screw
you need to turn it to get the air mixture right to idle.
might take sometime to adjust


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Scouter D
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reply on Airend B&S idle

The carb on this unit only have ONE jet that controlls
how it runs above idle . . . I have been told by
a guy at the local hardware - thast this modle has
a preset idle jet and - it may be clogged.

It all runs FINE and blows snow well - just any time
I try to slow it down - it stalls out.
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Scouter D
If the briggs engine is mounted on the tank then the screw on the side is the high speed adjusting needle. When you took the carb apart, did you soak it in carb cleaner? There is a possiblity that somewhere in the carb is a blockage. Also did you install a new kit in it including all carb gaskets and diaphragms? Plus if it has tubes going into the tank, are they clean with no debris or rust? The high speed needle also has a brass seat insert that screws into the carb, that comes with the kit but you can unscrew it and clean it if you don't have a kit. You want to cover all the bases like air leaks and fuel delivery (hence the carb kit)
Let me know...also if you can provide the model and type of the engine. It's located on the starter/blower housing and it is stamped into the metal.


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