snowblower won't start


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greg bernhardt
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snowblower won't start

I have an MTD 10hp snowblower that i can't start. My mom gave it to me and it hasn't been used for a couple of seasons and has been sitting outside the whole time.

When i got it the fuel tank was emply. I put in fresh gas and tried to start it and nothing. I bought an electric starter and installed it (as well as a new spark plug) hoping that it was the problem. Still nothing. The old spark plug had lots of black scorching on it (don't know if that is normal). With the electric starter the engine seems to want to start but won't.

Any thoughts? I was looking at old posts on this site and saw a few saying that it is probably a carberator problem and need to take it apart and clean it. Before I do that (I failed automotive in highschool) is there anything else it could be?

One more thing, i put quick start in the spark plug hole and it started up and then died.

Sorry for being so vauge but that's all the info i have.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hello greg,
I does sound like you may have a carb issue causing the engine not to get gas. One way to confirm this is to put about 1 tablespoon of gas directly into the top of the carb, if it will fire up, then u have a fuel issue. If not you want to check for spark.
Once we know if its fuel of spark related, we should have ya plowin in no time
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greg bernhardt
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Re Az's reply

Thanks Az, i put quick start into the spark plug hole and it started right up and then died in a couple seconds.
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It is definately a carb issue. First off go here and d/l a copy of the 4 cycle manual for reference if you're planning on tackling the job yourself. Next off, if you have a brass nut with a screw in the middle of in right on the bottom of the float bowl (that's your high speed needle) loosen the screw off maybe 1/4 turn counter clockwise and see if it will start. Sometimes you might get lucky by richening the fuel delivery but it sounds like you may have to do a deep clean of the complete carb.
Keep us informed.

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You could also check the fuel supply to the carb. If it has an inline filter, valve and the fuel lines should be checked for restriction. Especially since you found the tank empty. Once you insure fuel flow to the carb, refering to the manual, you can remove the main jet/needle assy, clean and adjust it, and usually this will clean any debris. Should it not, then a further cleaning would be needed.

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