snow thrower advice


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snow thrower advice

I'm thinking of replacing my single stage toro 5 hp. snow thrower,and am looking around at the different makes.

I'd like others opinions on the different models such as sears,toro,ariens,yardman and the like.
Also,thoughts on the 2 stroke vs. 4 stroke models.

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I can't give you info on the new machines but from the older ones that I've worked on here's my 2 cents.
My favorite is the Ariens, the more snow you give them, the better they perform. If you're mechanically inclined, you can pick up a 20 year old one for a good price and just rebuild it.
Simplicity is a quality make, usually with a price tag to follow, but a very good machine.
Craftsman probably my second choice for price wise. Good machine.
MTD, Yardman, these are more lower end but if you want a new blower for a resonable price then this is what you get. Very cheaply put together, thinner metal, more plastic. In order to keep the price low, you gotta make them cheaper.
As for the 2 cycles, I've got a little Toro 20" and if the dump is less than 6" on my driveway, that's the machine I'll use.
I don't know what type of snow you get or how much or the size of area you are going to work with so you'll have to do some research as to what machine would suit you best.
The above are just my opinions so read them as so.
Good luck in your quest and let me know what you decide on.

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I have a toro ccr 2000 now. single stage,2 stroke,17 years old.
I thought after i posted that maybe i'd stay with what i know and has been
reliable. Don't want to start experimenting with something might be good or bad.
Snow around here runs3-10+ inches in a storm. I have a 60 ft.double wide driveway.
went with this because i didn't want to bang into the cars in driveway
and it was easy to move around.
Its slow going,but i'm not in a rush anymore.

Thanks for your input.

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