Snowthrower clogged chute


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Snowthrower clogged chute

have a Sears 5 hp 2 stage auger control snowthrower. When the snow is wet it will clog the inside the chute and it will not shoot out. It makes nice square slush bricks. I see others with 2 stages and theres dont seem to stall or clog like mine. Is it the impeller that is a flaw? I read that the gap between the impeller blade and the chute can cause snow to get through and cause it to clog. Could this be the problem?
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There's a few things to look at here. First, snowblowers aren't made to blow slush so if the moisture content in the snow is great, it will pack together and plug the chute. You can try to take a little smaller swipe at the slush and see if this makes a difference. Some machines may be able to blow through this stuff but the majority won't. I've used many numerous Ariens machines and they are phenominal at blowing regular snow but when it comes to slush, these even plug up. Second, you can try to do a design change such as impeller clearances and/or auger speed but now you'll just be doing a trial and error thing. It could get costly. Thirdly, you might want to check out having your chute powder coated or teflon coated to reduce the drag that the slush creates. Lastly, look at the other machines that you rerfer to and see what the diferences between the 2 are. They may have 4 or 6 blade impellers and that can make a big difference too.
Just my 2 cents.


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