Gah. Lost the float spring on Tecumseh carb


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Gah. Lost the float spring on Tecumseh carb

Finally found some time to clean the carb on my Snapper snowblower (it's a Tecumseh HSK-600 engine). While inserting the float's hinge pin, the little damping spring jumped out and for the life of me I cannot find it. The engine still seems to idle okay but hasn't been tested under load. What kind of side effects can I expect from a missing spring?
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I looked at the carb diagrams in my manual and I couldn't find anything that refers to a damping spring. The only spring that goes in that area would be the inlet needle clip. This clips onto the needle and is held in place by the tongue of the float. If this is what is missing, then you would want it back on because if it's not there, the chances of the needle falling out (possibly during storage when the float chamber is empty or from vibration) is great. If that happens, then you have no control over the fuel coming into the carb. In other words, it will just keep flowing and that can be a fire hazard.

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Hi. Thanks for the response. Luckily the needle clip didn't get lost. The damping spring is a different piece made of very fine wire -- much weaker than the spring you find in Bic pens. It fits on the hinge pin and appears to have been designed to dampen the float's downward "swing" although it's so small that I can't imagine it exerted much force on the float.

My repair manual briefly mentions it on page 10 along with a diagram that describes the correct orientation of the spring. Here's an image of the blurb from my manual:




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