Exhaust port retrofit?


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Exhaust port retrofit?

The exhaust port threads are totally corroded on my Tecumseh engine. Is it reasonable to try to have a pipe thread nipple welded or brazed to the port so that I can attach a muffler? Any ideas would help. The original bolt holes for a bolt on muffler have broken bolts with broken easy out bolt removers in them. I am hoping that welding or brazing the nipple on the head is a possibility.
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I personally would drill out the easy outs and the bolts. This may make the bolt holes slightly larger but can be retapped to accomodate new bolts to hold the exhaust system.

Its likely your head is cast(iron) and the heat from brazing will probably warp the head.

Any reputible shop can drill these bolts out if you don't feel comfortable doing it your self. You might also be able to try a right handed (typical) bit to remove the easy out. Then use a left handed bit to remove the bolts. If you use a bit the exact same size as the bolts you will shave the threads but will be able to retap to the next size up. Be sure to hold the drill prefectly straight as not to make the holes at an angle.

Good luck and reply back if you have further questions.

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