Air compressor won't start...


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Air compressor won't start...

Hi everyone. New user here. I've rebuilt diesel motors before, but when it comes to small engines, I'm at a loss. Anyways, I have a gas driven compressor, with a Briggs model #130202 motor. It was running a little rough last few times I used it, and now it won't start at all. I grabbed the plug wire while trying to start it, and I didn't get juiced, so I don't seem to be producing spark. Pulled the cover today, and measured the gap at the coil pack (think that's what it's called). I can slip .067 in there. Does anyone know what the proper gap should be? Also, since I have no idea how these small motors work, I assume that there is only 1 contact point between the coil pack and the crank pulley? Any help would be appreciated
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Hi Krombig,
- I think you'll get more response to this in "Outdoor power equipment and small engines" , under Gardening.
I know you're on the right track, but I can't remember the gap, and anyway it may be different in some models. I do remember that I fitted mine with a device called a 'Mighty Atom' on the ignition and never had a starting problem after that. Good luck with it
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I just have a Book. I don't work on them.

Model 130000
Plug gap .030
Points Gap .020

Armature air gap:
(2 leg) .010-.014
(3 leg) .016-.019
Turn the flywheel until the magnets are directly below the armature. set the gap.
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Engine repair

1. Is the flywheel magnet rusty? I have had to clean that sometimes to get a good spark to the magneto.

2. Have you changed the condenser? Take the flywheel off, it is usually under a small light weight metal cover. Go ahead and change the points also.

3. If it is getting spark, check the flywheel alighnment key way. If it has been sheared or out of place even slightly, the timing will be off and it will never crank.

4. Another problem I have had with the old type Briggs engine is: For some reason, the carburetor butterfly won't open when cranking. Choke the engine, then if it won't crank, take the air breather off and stick a screwdriver in the carbutetor to hold the butterfly open. After it cranks, you can put the breather back on.
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Hello krombig!

The armature gap is too big. It needs to be set to .010". Usually, when the air gap is too big, it is not because the setting has changed, it's because the main bearing is letting the crankshaft drop lower than it should. Try to move the flywheel up and down. If it moves more than .005", the main bearing is shot and probably the block along with it (unless you want to bore the bearing area and install a bushing).

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