Help: MTD SnowThrower Problem--ALL gas leaked out in garage after refill!


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Question Help: MTD SnowThrower Problem--ALL gas leaked out in garage after refill!

I used my nine year old MTD 21 inch snowthrower model 316E150-000 again for the first time this season to clear the five inch snowfall that we had today, worked great, but since we are expecting another 5 inches tonight, I thought I'd fill it up with gas, did so, placed in garage, and within the hour everyone in the house was complaining of strong gas fumes all the way to the upper floor.
On investigation, I found that even though all gas caps were on tight, all the gasoline in MTD had leaked out to garage floor and I had to clean it up as well as ventilate the house by opening doors and windows in the cold!

Q) Does the MTD blower have a gas drain cap that could have come loose? I could never find it and so I have run the engine till no gas at the end of every year.
Q) Could all the gas have leaked out of the carburetor drain plug (I
think there is one..)?
Q) I am going to refill outdoors tomorrow to locate the leak. If it does not leak again, is it safe to run the blower?
Thanks in advance for any help or guidance that you can provide..

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Hello vram!

You're float needle is leaking. Probably just need to remove the carburetor bowl and clean the float hinge pin. You can remove the float and shake it near your ear. If you hear gas sloshing in it, then the float is bad and causing your leak. For safety reasons, I wouldn't reccomend using it until it is checked out.
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If this is a 4 stroke,check the oil level. If the float stuck,the crankcase might be full of gas.

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