Snow Thrower dies under load


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Snow Thrower dies under load

Here is my story. I have a 2 stage Toro snow blower and it is about 23 years old. I've always kept up on the mainance, drained the gas at the end of the season, and new plug and oil everyother year.

This season I started up twice and let it run for about 10 minutes (sitting). The only way it will continue to run is with full choke. Yesterday we got our first snow of the season (8"). I fired her up and went to it. About 10 minutes later she died. I can restart and it will idle fine, but as I increase the trottle it dies. Also, while doing this the choke has to be full choke (which closes the air intake flap). If I pull back on the choke more then half way it dies.

Over the past two seasons I have had to run it at about half choke to keep it going, and there was surging of the engine while tossing the snow.

I've got gas, a good clean plug, I sprayed out the carb too. Again it idles fine but once it builds some heat she pigs out and dies. My guess is that the coil is almost dead (the key is surging problems I had for the past two seasons).

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Hello Amigo,
It sounds to me as your indeed in need of a carb cleaning. Your carb should be pretty basic but without knowing any details on the engine, kinda hard to give what to's.
If your able to run it with the choke however, most likely you are getting good fuel supply to the carb, but not from the carb to the engine. If its a bowl type carb, you may be able to access the main jet without removing the bowl in order to clean it. If diaphram carb, could be pickup tube plugged or diaphram bad or both.
Post some info on your engine if ya need more help.
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Here is a couple of photos:

my guess is it is a bolw

If I send my info to toro will they send me a pdf of the manual?
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You will want to prepare to catch the fuel in a suitable container.
Ok on the bottom of the bowl should be a screw with a spring and a nut. Turn the screw CW counting the turns until it lightly seats and make note of the # of turns. Remove the screw and nut holding the bowl. Clean the bown and screw assy. Looking up into where the screw threads in, you may see a slot or a hex headed jet or tube. If it can be removed EASILY! do so and clean, if not simply spray some carb cleaner through it.
Toss it back together n see what ya got.
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Alright, I followed the instructions. I got the bolw off and cleaned it out (some rubber breakdown product in it). The float dropped and a small 6 sided point peice fell out. So I saw the two jets, and there was no way to get to them, so I sprayed them out with a bunch of carb cleaner. I put it all back together (includeing the piece that fell out). Fired it up. Warmed her up. Blew some snow. It ran great even with the choke closed. but then the problem started.

after I had it started and warmed up a bit I started to blow snow. The first problem was that sparks started to fly out the muffler. So I idled it back a bit and kept on blowing. I would still see a spark or two while really loading it with snow. After about 7 minutes that was about it( 5-6 minute the surging started). It would pig out and die. I could start it up again and it would idle nice and low, but increase the speed and it would die (this is witht he choke off).

I Still think it is the coil. Since once it gets hot it can't produce enought spark anymore.

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Check for spark when the engine dies. If none, then you have ignition problems. It doesn't sound like an ignition problem to me. Try loosening the fuel cap a bit when it begins to die. Sounds like either the tank is vapor locking, a fuel line is partially clogged (hence the rubber pieces in the bowl), or the carb is still restricted.
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