cordless / rechargable trimmers


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cordless / rechargable trimmers

HI all,

I'm looking for a trimmer for a medium sized yard. I've seen that there are several re-chargeable / cordless models on the market.

I'm wondering if anyone has used any of them - how much battery life do they have, and how they compare to gas or corded models.


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I have not actually used any however I have used several lite weight trimmers as well as other DC powered tools.
Most of these are advertised as "Grass String Trimmers" this is what you should expect IMHO. Advance in battery technology is amazing and can provide the needed power for the lenth of time required.
One trait of a DC motor is high torque at low RPM. Developing less torque at higher RPM where string trimmers work best.
I would consider them quite suitable and convienent for keeping mowed and kept or trafficed areas trimmed and edged.
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Hello Jim!

Since I work on gas equipment, I don't see many electric models. From what I have seen, I am not impressed with the rechargeable models. If you will only have very little to trim, and keep up with it often, and none of it will be heavier than grass blades, you might be ok. In comparison to a regular corded model....the rechargeables are weaker from my experience (mind you that I have not seen many models). In comparison to a gas model...well that's like apples and oranges.

Don't get me wrong...they might be suited perfectly to your needs...I don't know your circumstances. A rechargeable trimmer wouldn't last one season at my house, but might last you a few years.

Trimmers is a tricky subject. You have to spend some cash to get a good gas one. corded ones are cheap and do fair, but there is that cord.... And, rechargeable ones don't have the guts to do what most of us need them to do. I use a Robin (japanese) gas powered model. It is reliable and starts even after months of non-use. Stihl, Echo, Husqvarna, and Redmax are some better trimmers. The cheaper ones at the dept and box stores are usually not too reliable and are generally disposable.
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I used a Toro rechargeable over 20 years ago. It was good at light duty cutting of grass blades, and had a 40 minute run time vs. a 72 hour recharge time. Batteries have gotten much better, but the motors are still only powerful enough for light duty use. And the good ones are as expensive as a gas powered trimmer. I haven't used any other model than my old Toro, but I would have to see what today's model could do before I'd recommend one. For what it is worth, the Toro lasted 3 years, being used every week during the summer. I currently use a corded electric model.

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