Stihl 025 SAW


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Stihl 025 SAW

Can anyone help me, I just put a carb kit in, and saw wont behave. I have turn both jets 2.5 turns to get it to start, regardless which way I go with the jets it wont behave. I can get the top end to work but then it wont idle and is hard to get it back up speed. If I get it to idle it bogs and the top end suffers, I have tried every adjustment I could do. I put a new air filter, fuel filter and plug. Seems to have good compression, and exhaust is clear. Piston appears to be fine from what I can see through exhaust and carb ports. Thanks for any help.
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If the only way it will start is with the jets that far out, something else is likely not right.
Set the low screw (the one on the right) to about 1/4 turn out from lightly seated. Set the high screw (the one on the left) about 1 to 1 1/4 turn out from lightly seated.
See if you can get it to start and rev. If so with the throttle wide open, adjust the high screw out until the engine is screaming, then turn in 1/8 to 1/4 turn. From idle apply full throttle, and adjust the low screw until it will rev from idle to full speed without hesitation.
If it will not run to allow adjustments, it may be that you have some gaskets leaking allowing air into the cylinder. This would be my guess if you have to adjust the mixture screws that far out to get it to start.
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Thanks I will try your advice.

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