ariens auger belt?


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Red face ariens auger belt?

My sister's husband is away, so being a good brother, i volunteered to clear her driveway with their snowblower. She was hesitant, knowing that I don't have any experience with snowblowers. I told her, "relax, it ain't rocket science".
Well, I got the snowblower (a fairly new Ariens) going and was ready to set out on my merry way. However, when I pulled the lever to engage the auger, it stalled. I tried this a couple more times. Stalled each time. Tried again, only this time engaged the lever very slowly. Didn't stall but started smoking like crazy. Smelled like burnt rubber. I shut the machine off and, hanging my head in shame, reached for the shovel...
Anyway, I assume that I fried a belt. I hope that's all I did. Do Ariens snowblowers have auger belts or auger chains? If it is a belt, how difficult is it to replace?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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ariens auger belt

Could you post what machine you have,model and serial numbers, so members can find which machine it is? Whether it has 1 belt or 2? Will have to buy new . Use model and serial numbers when going to buy belt or belts
If belt was smoking,use stout stick to see if the auger and impellor are free, not frozen with snow. KEEP HANDS AND FINGERS OUT OF THE AUGER AND IMPELLOR AREAS!!!!!!! Others will chime in with more info.
Just a few thoughts.
T.J. terry
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ariens auger belt

Thanks Terry.
Will get that info and post asap...

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