How tight should the auger belt be


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How tight should the auger belt be

I have a single stage auger control yard man bantam snow bird snow thrower. I check the belt and the longest part goes about 2 inches when pressed form the center. Also the auger will stop if its clogged with wet snow. Is this a sign of a bad belt?
Thank you
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Not knowing exactly what the auger drive system looks like, all I can do is go by assumption. I believe the belt should have a type of belt tensioner that you would engage when ready to blow snow. When It's engaged, it should be fairly tight. It may or may not have an adjustment to tighten the belt when needed. One thing to look at is if your belt is old, it may have worn the sides of it enough to actually drop the belt farther into the pulley which could cause slipping under snow loads. My recommendation would be to purchase a new belt and try to get an OEM one. Sometimes the aftermarket ones may be a shade longer and that's what you don't want.


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