Snowblower won't start


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Snowblower won't start

Last summer in a front yard I saw a snow blower for sale and bought it. In the sumemr it usually started on the second pull. Now it is cold when we may be getting snow and it won't start.

About two weeks ago I got it started but that was with a shot of starter fluid. At that time I was going to pull the flywheel to check out the points. I ran out of time to check the points and only got as far as checking the clutch bearings. After putting everything back together I gave the carb a shot of fluid and it started. I ran it for 10 minutes and it ran very strong. I do know this, the kill button would not shut if off and I had to flood it out to stop it.

The kill button looks like a door bell button with one black wire attached to it. The button itself can fall out of the holder. Must the kill button itself be well grounded to the handle? If you remove the wire from the button does this activate the kill function or dismantle the kill function? I am not accustomed to a switch that can work off of one wire and guess that somehow the snow blower body is part of the circuit.

I don't think I am getting a good spark. The spark plug sonnector does have rust on it but with the volts that are going to the plug I would guess the rust would stop it? Hm? Maybe the rust will stop it when the engine hasn't started yet and isn't cranking out a lot of volts? The flywheel is very rusted and don't know if that is a problem. I pull and pull and pull assuming that I should smell some fuel but smell none.

Errrrrr I probably should have given the beast a good tune up when it was warm. It is a Gardex (never heard of) with a B&S 4 stroke engine.
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The circuit used to turn off a small engine is grounded when you want the engine to stop, If you want to start the engine un-ground the wire. With the snow blower you describe make sure the wire going to the doorbell type switch is not grounded when you try to start, when you want to stop the machine, ground the wire. But first you need it to get it started. From what you decribe it sounds like the choke is not working.
Do not tear apart the points until you know that it is a spark problem.

In the summer no choke is needed, in winter starting fluid will start a motor with no choke. Look at the throat of the carb, there should be a butterfly valve that will close accrosss the top of the carb when the choke is activated, that is the choke. If your machine does not have a choke then it should have some type of primer system.

Let us know how you make out.

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