Ariens 5HP snowblower stops in run mode and low power


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Ariens 5HP snowblower stops in run mode and low power

I have this old 5 HP Ariens snowblower, it would not start until I put some gas in the carb (by removing the spark plug). After it starts it continues to runs ok at full choke, if I move the choke swith to "run" it stalls.

other problem I noticed that it was not thowing the snow too far (hardly 8 feet).

Can anyone help? Thanks,
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You have 2 dilemas here. Let's deal with the fuel one first.
Since you have to run with the choke on and you have to put gas directly into the cylinder to get it to fire means that you are most likely going to have to do a carb rebuild. That involves removing the carb, disassembling it and soaking it in a carb cleaner. Then installing a kit.
Before we do that , you can try and richen the high speed screw (located under the float bowl and it looks like a brass nut with a screw going throough the center of it) by maybe 1/4 turn counter clockwise. This may work but a carb rebuild is in the future.
Throwing snow not too far, I'd check the belt and possibly install a new OEM belt. It may not be throwing far enough also because you may not be at full RPMs due to the gummed up carb. Your belt may have worn on the sides which would allow it to fall farther into the pulley and cause slippage.


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