Craftsman SnowT Engine Rebuild


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Figures - waiting till Blizzard hits to rebuild the snowthrow....
Had bad seal and bearing on the front end crankcase half. Motor is off frame, opened crankcase. Ready to reassemble but cant figure timing position of camshaft gear.

Model Craftman engine 5.0 hp 4 cycle 143.015007 + looks equiv to Techumseh HSSK50

Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this.
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The timing is actually quite simple there is a line or notch on one of the crankshaft teeth and either a drilled hole or line on one of the teeth of the cam. Both of these have to be lined up to match each other. To verify that you have done it correctly, when the piston is at TDC on the intake stroke both valves will be closed. Now when you move the piston either way back and forth, you'll notice that the intake and exhaust valves start to open (depending on which way you move the piston) this is referred to as "dancing"
I hope this kinda sorta explains it clearly for you, if not, go here and d/l a copy of the 4 cycle manual for your motor and it will explain it better.

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Timing of the crank and cam

I am looking at my Tecumseh mechanic's Handbook in section 3 on page 6-4.
It states-
1)"Timing marks on crankshaft gear and camshaft must be aligned for proper valve timing except on certain Craftsman engines without internal governors."

2)"On craftsman type carburetors without governors the camshaft timing must be advanced clockwise one tooth ahead of the timing mark on the crankshaft"

It would appear that if your engine has a governor that the marks on the crankshaft gear and camshaft should be aligned. I put a new connecting rod and rings in an H50 last winter and installed the marks lined up with one another.The engine was not in a Craftsman but it did have a governor on the carb connected to an internal plastic gear with spool and counter weights. The engine ran fine on reassembly.

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