Hate my snowblower


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Hate my snowblower

Hello to everyone-- I live in NEW YORK- Long Island-- and had just purchased a NEW TORO GTS(Guaranteed to start) 6.5 HP 3650 snowthrower. Well guess what -- no such luck with GTS--it did not start at all- I followed all the directions with the mixture of gas and oil and primed the engine with the key on and the machine plugged into the electric socket-- and I put the choke first to the right and then tried to start the machine and it never got up enough power to kick over??? I ended up having to shovel 15 inches from my whole property. Has anyone ever experienced this type of problem-- especially from a NEW MACHINE--
I purchased this machine because for years I had a 2 stage very OLD Ariens but it also was unreliable and I had it tuned year after year and it never worked well for me and it was such a hassle getting such a heavy and large machine to and from the dealer. That is why I bought this TORO-- becuase supposedly it is easy to maintain and easy to start and easy to transport if needed-- BUT what good is it if the machine DOES NOT START.... Any advice-- and has anyone else had this problem as well with a new machine. Please let me know before the NEXT large snow storm comes my way-- I am to the point where I am willing to sell this for a little loss to buy a different brand and move on.
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Sounds like a warranty problem. Since it's new, start with the dealer and work up from there. Your reasonable expectation is that it will work as advertised. Since it does not, put the heat on them.
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check under the gas tank and see if there is a rubber hose line with a small valve on it. turn it counterclockwise to open it
you might not be getting fuel to the engine
also check to see if it has an " on" "off" switch some where
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One other thought. Check the sparkplug wire. If it is hidden, you may need to remove an inspection cover. The wire may have been disconnected for safety reasons and the dealer forgot to put it back on the plug.

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