Toro 524 engine seized


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Toro 524 engine seized

The engine on my 1979 snowblower seized during last weekend's storm. It is a Toro 524 model #38040 with a Tecumseh Hs50-67074b engine.

I have not torn the engine down yet so I don't have more details about what caused it to seize (except that it did have oil in it). The auger is in decent condition and the drive system works. There is some rust at the seams.

I am not going to spend the $600-$800 to replace it with something new but I am not sure it worth $250 for a new engine on a 25 year old chassis.

I am looking to understand my options to either resurrect it or replace it. Any recommendations?
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Hey Pjaffe,
It may depend on what caused it to seize as to whether it is worth rebuilding. It is also possible it just got hot and with whatever goin on got may be it can be freed asis.
I would recomend doing some inspection, remove the head and see if you can tell what has it hung up. Look for signs of broken ring, scratches on the cylinder wall. If the cylinder looks fine you can use a small amount of lubricant, spray or oil in the cylinder on top of the piston so it will soak down along side of it. While turning the crank by hand to move the piston down, LIGHTLY tap on the top of the piston with a wooden handle. If it frees up rotate it several times lookin and listening for normal operation.
I have freed engines this way that continue on in operation. Some and usually most however, begin using oil at a unaceptable rate or have other issues caused by the incident.
Here is a link for a Tecumseh Service manual, should have all info needed for dissasembly and inspection.

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