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Toro CCR2000

I have Toro CCR2000 that wont start. It has not run real well the past few winters, but not so bad for a 15 year old machine. I once took it into a local shop for repairs and it has just run so-so ever since. Last year I had a puddle of fuel under it and found a cracked fuel hose. I trimmed the line and all was well. This year, it will not start. I pulled the plug from last year (I replace the plug prior to the snow season) and found it in poor shape. It was wet with fuel. I replaced the plug but that didnt help. I removed the fuel bowl and found a little rust at the bottom but otherwise all looked good. I put the bowl back on and about an hour later I had 3 foot wide fuel spot on the floor. I guess the float is sticking. That may have been the problem last year. My questions are... How can I find out what motor/carb I have? What is the best way to check for spark? Anything else I can check for?
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My bet on your machine would be that it needs a good carb cleaning and rebuild. You most likely have a Tecumseh 2 cycle engine on it. There will probably be a little tag or the numbers will be stamped on the starter/blower housing. You also may be able to find more info by going to the Toro web site and by using the actual model number you can get a parts breakdown and it may even have the engine model there.
Plus if you have gas from last season...dispose of it, you NEVER want to use fuel older than 30 days if you want to keep your machine running at it's peak.
To check for spark, I use a unit I built but many small motor places sell them.

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Some answers and questions

If you have a Toro CCR2000, then you probably have a Suzuki 2 stroke engine. I have the same model (~1994); mine came with a Mikuni carburetor. I'm not sure if Toro changed engines for the CCR2000 (they may have used Tecumseh on some years as well).

It does seem you have a bowl and perhaps inlet needle valve issue. I had difficulty getting mine to start and it would only run on full choke. I suspected clogged carburetor jets, so I rebuilt the carb- cleaned it, blew it out, etc. Everything went well except that the needle valve that came with my kit had additonal parts I didn't recognize from my carb. Probably the seat or perhaps the kit covered several slightly different carbs. In any event the orignal needle valve looked fine so I reused it after inspecting it. The machine doesn't start, but I will have to take it out tomorrow and fiddle with the mixture screw to see if I can get it running.

The best way to check for spark that I know of is to take the plug out, connect it to the spark plug wire outside of the cylinder and ground it to the engine block. Darken the room and pull on the starter with the key on. You should see blue spark.

Good luck, and if anyone else has some expertise, I'm all ears.

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An update. Got my CCR2000 up and running. The diagram from the Toro site ( helped (Mikuni only has late model motorcycle carbs on their website).

Got everything back together after reseating the bowl gasket with some WD40. Started on the second pull and ran rough. Left it for 5 minutes and opened the choke plate- which would cause it to stall before my rebuild, but it continued to run. Turned the idle mix screw in all the way, and then backed it out 1 and a half turns. At this point the engine seemed to settle and run smoothly (or as smoothly as it ever does). I'll have to wait for our next snow fall to see how it does under load. One thing I don't like about the machine is that the plastic housing covers everything, including the spark plug wire and the carb adjustments, whcih makes trouble shooting outside in the winter a pain.

Good luck with your machine,

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Question Toro CCR2400 snow thrower

Hi All,

I have a CCR 2400 a used snow thrower. It is all covered with a plastic frame.

How I can open it and repair and clean engine.
I also like change oil, How I reach the oil screw.
Does it take air filter, where it is located.
I runs but has exhaust loose, has one screw in place.
Would I be able to put the second screw in the exhaust.
I saw a photo of CCR2000 and it is similar to CCR2400.

I'd appreciate your response.
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I acquired a 1988 Toro CCR 2000 snow blower from a friend because it wouldn't start. Suzuki 4.5 hp 2 stroke with a Mikuni carb. Model 38180 Serial # 8004674. Fresh gas, new plug with good spark, carb is clean. But the plug is always wet after I try to start it. Looking at the carb internals it appears to be a flooding issue. Do you know the purpose and correct position of the torsion spring (part # 81-2610)? should it apply downward pressure on the float?
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The spring has to apply an upward pressure to seat the needle valve in the carb. This was basically to smooth the flow of fuel to the carb due to machine vibration. The weight of the float should pull the needle valve open in this position. I have seen them come into the shop without the spring and the engine works just fine. Apparently someone had worked on the carb and either lost the spring or gave up trying to put into position. LOL
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Thanks Kid

Thanks for the advice. Toro finally started yesterday after three days of trying. We have no snow yet but, I'm ready

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