Snowblower with Tecumseh engine hard to start!!!!


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Snowblower with Tecumseh engine hard to start!!!!

I have an older Craftsman 3 HP snowblower with a Tecumseh engine (536.918600), and I have a hard time starting this thing. Generally a have to use starting fluid a few times before it keeps running. One I get it running its fine and doesn't even die. So what is causing this starting problem? The plug is brand new, and the gas is fine.
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This one has me thinking...normally I can say that it's carb related and to clean it..and it still may be the case here but on the other hand you may have rings problems. If they are worn to the point that it doesn't draw the vacuum necessary to suck the fuel up from the carb then it will be hard to start until you manually inject fuel (starter fluid...yuck) into the cylinder. You may also have valve problems causing the same dilemma as above.You can do a leak down test to see if you are leaking past the rings or valves.
Is this starter fluid a form of ether? If so, I don't really like to recommend it for the fact that it is so flammable, that when it goes into the cylinder, it removes most of the very important oil from the walls. That oil is EXTREMELY important during a cold start up.
I have had experience with one engine that the owner used ether and the marks left on the wall from a dry piston were amazing. It wasn't worth a rebuild.
Sorry for getting off track here...I kinda go off on tangents every once in a while. Can you give us some more info like after it's running for a while, is it easier to start etc...

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Quality of gas

You say the gas is fine. How long has it been in the gas can? I wen't thru this with the B&S engine on my rototiller. Wouldn't start cold without ether, once warmed up, it started fine. Emptied gas tank, put in gas fresh from pump and worked fine the rest of the summer.
Hope this helps,

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