8hp Tecumseh Snowthrower Governor Adjustment

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Question 8hp Tecumseh Snowthrower Governor Adjustment

Hi Everyone,

I have a question reguarding my Craftsman 8hp Tecumseh Snowthrower. It wouldn't start when I tried to use it for the first time this year and due to reading other postings on this site I decided it was time to rebuild the carb. I did just that and to my delightment it fired right up after the rebuild was done. The only problem no is that when at high idle it consistantly and rythymically revs down then back up again and also backfires a couple times when it's dropping rpms. When engaging the auger and drive it seems to lessen but is still there (both backfiring and rpm swing). Also, when I try to bring it down to low idle the motor quits when I move the throttle about half-way down.

Now the one thing I did notice was that the stop for the throttle butterfly stops about 1/8" short of hitting the hard stop. This leads me to believe that I need to adjust the governor before I go any further.

I have two questions concerning that. The first being what screw exactly do I loosen to make the adjustment? Is it the first screw at the pivot for the lever the the governor mechanisim is attached to or something I'm not seeing (the Tecumseh tech manual doesn't provide a good enough diagram for me to make a guess at it). The second question is why am I having to make this adjustment in the first place? Could I have screwed something up while removing and installing the carb?

Well, I think that's long winded enough for my first post on this site, but if you have anything else you would like to add or any questions that an answer may clarify please post away.

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Check linkage

It sounds like you need to make sure the governor linkage is connected to throttle properly. Also need to reset idle and high speed needle settings. Turn both in until LIGHTLY seated, Then turn both out one and one half turns. It should start at these settings. If you've resolved gov. linkage issue, set throttle at high speed, turn high speed needle in slowly until it runs rough, then turn out slowly until it runs rough. Now turn in slowly 'til it smooths out.
If it will idle, turn idle mix screw in slowly until it starts misfiring, then turn it back out 'til it idles smoothly. I don't mean to talk down to you, but FYI on turning these screws, IN means clockwise, OUT means c. clockwise.
Hope this helps,
Mike A
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carb gummed

sounds to me like your engine is still starving for fuel. You have described a 'surging' condition which is always the result of not enough fuel. Backfiring would confirm the diagnosis. Open up the jets and if it does not correct the problem--carb is still dirty through the body ports. These get restricted by varnish formation caused by stale, regular unleaded fuel. Premium 94 octane will never result in this condition and it's only pennies more. Run some methyl hydrate (4 ounces)through it for 15 minutes--give it a portion of choke until it runs smoother --after a while it will probably clean itself because the alcohol dilutes the varnish.


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