Snowblower - Old Gas


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Snowblower - Old Gas

I did a BAD thing and let the gas sit in my Toro CC4 2400 4.0 HP snowblower since last winter, and now it won't start. Of course to compound the situation, the gas tank is FULL. Is there any way to salvage this tank of gas (maybe some additive I can put in there), or is my only recourse to somehow empty the tank, clean the carb, and put fresh gas in?

Thanks SO much for any advice! (and I promise, I'll never do this again!!)
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$2 a gallon is cheap

I would empty the gas tank, fuel line and carb. Put in a small am't. of fresh(as in fresh from the pump) gas. Hopefully it will start. If not, you'll have to pull the carb and THOROUGHLY clean it with gumout. Some people disagree, but when I finish with my snowblower in the spring , I empty the tank and start it to let it run 'til it dies. This will prevent varnish/gum from forming.
Good luck,
Mike A
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gummy carb


I have to tell you this. I'm a service tech (lawn and garden) for Sears Canada. For years we fought with gummed up carbs from unleaded gas. It has been the biggest thorn in this business.
About 8 years ago I started cleaning up the green stuff with methyl hydrate. Nothing else works as fast of as well.
I then started experimnting with additives and all kinds of stabilizers. Those people make mostly junk from our tests.
5 or 6 years ago I poured some premium(94) octane fuel in my mower when I parked it in the fall(under a tree for the winter) In the spring I primed it 5 times (6 HP Briggs)
and to my amazement, it started right up. The fuel did not smell skunky and there was no green residue inside the float bowl. I have since informed all my customers of this and we are almost free of carburettor problems relating to lead free fuel. People are starting to realise that premium does not cost a lot when you only burn 30 gal a year. I live in Prince George BC Canada and I recommend Chevron because it is a red color and you know when you are pouring it in that it will still be gasoline in 6 months. I challenge you to try it and your message to consumers will be a lot simpler. Only two words---'94 octane'
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Thank you very much, SUPERTECH

From all I've read on this forum and others like it, I hope everyone reads your reply. I hadn't heard of the methyl hydrate, but I'll sure try it when needed. I'll also start buying the Chevron premium for all my OPE.
Thanks again,
Mike A

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