Those with carb problems check this out


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Those with carb problems check this out

For those that have carb problems, open the thread titled: Snowblower- old gas, read what supertech told cfeely. I believe he is absolutely right!!! For those not willing to try it, just keep crankin' on it next winter.
Mike A
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Hi Mike

I'm kinda new at this forum stuff and having some trouble with posting--don't know if the private message I sent you got through--don't think so. Methyl Hydrate is simply methyl alcohol. You can buy it for about 12 bucks a gallon here at hardwares or some auto supplys. Its the same stuff they put in 2 ounce lock de-icer for exhorbitant prices or windsheild washer (water,dish soap, and 10% methyl alcohol) approx 15 cents a gallon to make. I just have so much fun finding out what things are made of. Wher do you live anyway? I'm in Prince George BC, Can. My real name is Mike but I kinda like supertech--got the nickname at Sears Canada.

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