1978 mower worth fooling with?


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Lightbulb 1978 mower worth fooling with?

Hi, All. Found my 1978 Craftsman mower in garage that I thought I tossed in '87. Is this a cost/reasonable father and son project or expensive folly? In the spring, the sap rises. Regards, Bob
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Wow, if it took you 18 years to find it, how long will it take to repair it? Is your garage the size of a Wal-Mart distribution center? As far as a father/son project...by all means, yes. Even if you work on it for hours with no success, you spent quality time with each other. As far as cost-reasonable, an initial diagnosis will have to be done first to determine this. Have fun and good luck.
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Sure. Get out the safety glasses, rubber gloves and carb cleaner. No matter what happens, you'll spend time with your son and you will probably both learn about how small engines work. Parts should not cost that much and will probably be in the gasket and seal region. Good luck with your project.
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Go to it!!!!!

If it costs the price of a new mower, it's money well spent. As the TV commercial says, "PRICELESS". If it will give the two of you time spent working toward a common goal, all the better.
Mike A
PS: My Father and other men his age spent time with me teaching me many things not taught by schools or my peers.
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I think this is a great idea! Get a service book (about $10~12) and take your time to go thru it. Look at how everything works together. I did this with my father & learned more then when I was in school!! Have Fun!! (R)

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