Tecumseh Oil Fiter Substitution


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Tecumseh OHV Oil Filter

I have a Tecumseh 15.5 hp OHV White Outdoor Product lawn tractor. My question; is there an automotive oil filter that will fit. The White filters are terribly expensive $8.95 at most places. A Delco PF 40 looks about right. One other question; do all Tecumseh OHV engines start with a large puff of blue smoke. My dealer says this is normal, but I've never seen a brand new Briggs smoke like this.

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I wish you could see the poster I have in my showroom regarding this issue. It shows a disected "will-fit" beside a genuine oil filter. Is the 3 or 4 bucks you save worth it? NO! There's less filter, the pressure relief PSI is likely different (since their automotive in nature), and there may or may not be a anti-drain feature. I don't suppose you buy store-brand oil as well? This may well be recycled oil...FYI. As for the smoking at start-up...Be sure the sump is not over-filled at all, Keep the spark plug-side of the engine (usually the front of the tractor) slightly uphill as this will keep any oil from settling in the cylinder bore and be sure to use a quality oil (and not all big-name oil manufacturers are quality) of the proper viscosity (if summer-use is all you run it - SAE30W). Again, I suggest genuine (Tecumseh) oil.
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Tecumseh Oil Filter

Thanks "puey61". Alot of good information. I hadn't seriously considered the relief valve issue, for all I know it may not have one with fairly low pressure. I would use Tecumseh oil but was told to use 10W30 Opti-4 by the White dealer. Doing so would extend the factory warranty to six years. The White manual does recommend straight 30W. Will probably switch to straight 30W this summer. And yes my tractor sits on a sloping garage floor nose low. Otherwise I'd send a big puff of smoke into the garage with every startup. I'll post later how I re-routed the oil drain on my tractor and pressure washer as well to make oil changes a breeze.

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