Help please with a Sears "BrushWacker"


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Help please with a Sears "BrushWacker"

Hello All:

Recently, I inherited a lightly used Sears 51.7cc "BrushWacker" (636.796243).

I need an owners manual and some misc fuel related parts and air filters to get this rig running.

Sears,com says that the owners manual is no longer available and the parts "diagrams" have only partially legible numbers, making ordering parts a @#*# shoot, at best.

I've googled until my fingers got numb and searched Ebay with no positive results.

Any help would be appreciated.

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First, I had no trouble on Sears Website reading any and all parts. Secondly and based on the part #'s on the site, I'd say this unit is made by Echo for Sears. Which means if you have no luck at Sears, take the whole unit along with you to your local Echo servicing dealer and get his opinion on whether or not it is an Echo product as well as the possibility of getting you the parts you need.
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Thanks Puey61 for your input.

I've tryed everything, including using a magnifying glass, trying to figure out what some of the parts numbers on the parts diagrams/illustrations are. To my eyes, at least, it's really guesswork as to what some of those numbers are.

Supporting your belief that ECHO is the manufacturer are and However, and list the manufacturer (at least of the engine) as being Robin Trimmers. This possibly conflicting information may coincide with the fact that the Sears 1992 Fall-Winter catalog list the same 51.7cc "BrushWacker" (catalog no. 71 F 79624K) as being "imported".

With this in mind, I have redirected my search to the European market with no positive feedback at this time.

As this unit is manufactured out of the U.S. and for sale outside of North and
South America, the local ECHO dealer didn't have any information that would be helpful to me (The Robin Trimmer engine and the T-K carburetor, with a "tickler" valve on the bottom of it, baffled him.

I have been searching Ebay (international) to locate the imported ECHO manufacturers model name/number and googled for hours "markets" other than the Americas with no positive result.

Any more ideas would be appreciated.

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Sears Brushwhacker


Will get back to you later this aft. Where is your location?
I am west coast Canada. That model no is not readily familiar to me.. I'll go into work today and search it out.

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Hey SuperTech:

Thanks for your quick response and for your time. If anyone has the answers that I need, its you.

I'm located in SW Washington, just below you, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Let me know if there is any other information that you need from me.
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whacker guy

Wouldn't you know--Sunday afternoon is computer downtime for Sears in Canada. That is when our head office updates daily, so the archaic system they use has to be closed to give the little cage squirrels a break. We can't multitask with the old dinasour so we'll have to wait til monday.

Sorry guy--might have to shapen the old machette.


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