Honda Generator won't Idle


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Honda Generator won't Idle

I have a 6 year old Honda Generator (6500w)that mostly works fine, except for two things, which I think are related:

1) There is a "generator idle" switch, which in theory should let it idle until there is demand. The trouble is, when you put this switch on, it goes from about to stall to revving quickly to not stall, oscillating continuously like that. This is not a serious problem, since I use this as an emergency generator for my house, and because I have a well pump, I prefer to have this running full on because of the current draw.

2) More important, after the generator gets really hot, when it comes under load, it will not run smoothly (similar to problem 1 where the RPM will not remain constant). Note that this works fine when its just started for the first 2-3 hours.

I called up Honda, and at first they claimed this was normal (which it isn't). Then they said something about a voltage regulator, which it might be, but I'd like a little bit more help than that. I suspect its some part that regulates the throttle based on RPM/Generator Load.

Any experience with these things?
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honda thing

\seem to me Honda wants your money and has no regard for your satisfaction. I would bet huge sums of money you have a 'starving for fuel' situation. It probably sat for some time with old regular gas in it. Your carb jet is plugged. Not totally but just enough to cause a surging symptom. Old gas causes a varnish to form on the jet and makes the orifice smaller resulting in surging. Pull the bowl off the carb (you might have to remove the carb) to expose the jets. There may be more than one. The look like brass set screws or just heads of screws. They have holes through them and these holes are the actual 'jets' or 'passages' the fuel flows through. Honda makes em very small so they are sometimes hard to find. Soak em in methyl hydrate for 15 minutes, brush em off good with a small oil paint or stiff brush and blow em clean with compressed air. You can buy that in a can if you need to. Re-assemble and you're good to go and you owe me a beer.

Have fun generatin'

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I'll give that a shot

Its no fun generatin'. Our power goes off a couple times a year, and I think the kids are lost without cable and internet.

I just like the heat and some light, but that's old fashioned.

I suspect you're right on the carb. When the weather breaks a little, I'll give it a shot. Gas sits in the generator all the time, because I need to start it up quickly in case power goes off, and its tricky to be refueling in the dark.

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