auger stops with load, impeller runs fine


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Question auger stops with load, impeller runs fine

I did a search and found no threads to help. I apologize if I missed any. Areins 824 two stage. As I stated the impeller runs fine but the auger stops when loaded. Ran fine for 1.5 hours and then developed this problem. Are there any PDF files or service diagrams available to help determine the best repair? Or perhaps someone here knows what I broke this morning...tough winter in Boston this year. Thanks!
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How old is the machine? Aluminum gearbox or cast? Are the two shear bolts sheared in each collector half? I'm gonna guess not. These only stopping upon impact of snow you probably have a roll pin sheared in the gearbox. I've seen this happen many times. If this is the case, you will have to remove the auger housing assembly from the "tractor" end, remove the auger/impeller from the housing, remove at least the right hand collector (if cast gearbox, both sides if aluminum), and get into the gearbox. Post back with answers to the above questions first.
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auger not moving

sometimes the gear gets stripped inside the box--Brass gear--if so it's usually caused by shear bolts in augers being too hard or trying to crush unwanted toys under the snow. I myself, do it with frozen garden hoses.

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Any luck yet in assessing your trouble?
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Same problem

I have a Toro with a snowblower attachment that has the same problem. It has a 2 piece aluminum gearbox. The auger spins fine until it gets into the snow. then it stops. if i hit it with a shovel handle, it starts spinning again. I suspect there is a stripped gear in the gearbox, but I'm not sure how the blower is supposed to come apart. is there a drawing or instructions somewhere that could guide me? Or should I just pull the sides off the attachment and start taking things off?
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Auger not turning under load

The first thing I would check...........Shear pins, on both sides, and see if they are broken.. If Not...........remove cover for belt drive, and inspect belt for wear, or a flat spot in belt.. If belt is fine, check if the belt is getting correct tension when hand clutch is applied, LOOK, If the belt is not getting correct tension, adjust tension to the belt, apply owners manual.. If You have good tension to the belt...; Next step, Set Height of auger, You ll need some washers, at appox. 1/8" thick....Take 4 washers ( total height..1/4" thick, Put 2 washers under left auger, and put 2 washer under right auger, Now, loosen skid plate bolts, and drop skids to the floor, and re-tighten, both sides..............Oh, be sure you are on a level surface.. Now your auger is at proper height. Now, you will need to set the scraper, 1 washers under the left, and right side, loosen all bolts, and move scraper down until the scraper touches the washers, lock up all bolts.. Now, your auger, and scraper are within reason, the machine should work, If Not, the problem, will be in the gearbox...........Be sure to set tire pressure to mfg. specs.

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I'm not sure why Simplicitypower is having you set the skid shoe height (the last of his suggestions) although it is a good idea. This will have nothing to do with the auger not spinning - unless the collectors have made contact with the ground and then the auger shear bolts have sheared as a result. For a page by page exploded view of your machine, go to Toro's site and type in your model and serial numbers and you will be able to see the make-up of your unit.

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