Trimmer spool driving me nuts

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Trimmer spool driving me nuts

The line on my trimmer spool keeps going back into the trimmer. I just bought the new line and it is so frustrating to stop every 3 feet and rethread the line. Does anyone have some helpful hints like wind it tight or loose? The guy at the hardware store said it doesn't matter which way I wind it and there is not an arrow on the spool either but does it matter....thank you
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Lightbulb spool driving me nuts

Hiya fyshnchyck
Yes,it does matter which way u wind the cutting line.Not wound the right direction and all the line winds up in the line head.Too lose and knotts up,too tight and wont feed line.
The secert is... ok. cut your line (about 10 or 11 feet for double line.half as much for single.
On double line ancor line to spool an center hold spool with one hand an line in the other with a finger between line to hold streaight.turn spool the other way from the way it turns on trinner.Turning the spool lets you keep line straight & somewhat tighht at same time.hook one line onto under side of spool.bring other line 180 degrees around and hook on spool.put line ends through eyelets of string head potition spring under spool pull line ends tight to unhook from under spool into housing,put on bump knob and your ready.
On single line ancor one and wind spool same way.

PS. If line stell knots up you can soak line in water for bring bake flexibility again.line will dry up with age.
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string trimmer

I stopped trying to rewind new string on a string trimmer as it just never worked for me. It always seemed to bind up. I just replace the spool with a new one and be done with it. Put a new spool on it and you're finished until the string runs out. dave
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dave For the average person who only changes line once every year or other year on one trimmer, loaded replacement spool is def cost effective. One big wing nut n ur back whackin weeds

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