Voltage with key off


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Voltage with key off

i got a mtd riding mower went out to start will not start so i check batt. it ok but i found it had 13 volt at the start went the key is off .please help someone!!!!!
thank you

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We need more info. When you say it does not start, does it crank over? or can you hear a click and then nothing happens? or does nothing happen at all? Do you have a model number of the mower? What kind of engine is in it? Briggs? Kohler? Do you know the year of the mower? How long ago did it last run correctly?
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bontai joe is right, we need more info

can you turn the engine manually with a wrench or something to see if it is siezed.
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You have 13 volts at the starter with the key off? That pretty much means one of two things. Either the solenoid is stuck on, or the battery is connected backwards. If the solenoid was stuck on, then the starter would he very hot, and the engine would be turning until the battery died. It would kill the battery in minutes. Check to be sure you have the positive battery cable connected to the right post on the battery.
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Any luck with your trouble, lhawks?
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If you checked the battery and it has 13 volts then I assume you are checking between the + and - poles on the battery, this would be normal. Try checking to make sure the blade isn't engaged or one of the other safety featured is keeping it from making a connection.

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