yard machine tractor hydrostatic trans


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yard machine tractor hydrostatic trans

model # 13au694h088 tmo-3207901
lawn tractor 20hp b/s intek ohv, 46" cut, hydrostatic tranny

It seems that my tranny doesnt have quite the power it used to.
I have changed the drive belt.
Im wondering about the tranny oil level. I can see a hose coming off the
top of the tranny that runs up just under the seat, with a plug in it.
I can see no other means by which to check the level. Is there a way?
Also, if the oil was need of changing, where do i drain it. I see only a
plug in the bottom, that appears to be pressed in. Any insight would
be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


ps. I did read the other thread about this subject, which makes me think
its a sealed unit, but why then is there a plugged hose coming out the top?

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Hello mrnewt!

Short for newton? (I had a friend with the last name "Newton" and we called him Newt for short).

The tranny is a sealed unit to my knowledge. You may be able to remove the plug and drain it if you can remove the plug without damaging it. The plug in the tube is probably not a plug, but a vent instead. It allows air that expands with heat buildup inside the unit to escape without dirt entering the tranny. If you do attempt to change the fluid, make extra precautions to keep ALL dirt and particles out of the tranny. Hydro's are sensitive and intolerable of dirt.
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thanks for the info.
sounds like this must not be the issue then.
I am going to look at the belt tensioner, maybe im getting
some belt slippage, seems like the only other possibility.

oh by the way, no im not a newton, just a fan of Mr. Newt (Gingrich)

thanks again
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the hose is a breather tube and has a valve in the end to keep dirt out. I would not recommend taking it out, or topping it up. Manufacturer says no.

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forgot something

Could be the release button is sticky--that happens. You know that lever you pull so you can free-wheel it around?
That opens a valve and allows the fluid to circulate when pushing the tractor. They will sometimes stick due to dirt or bent control rod or something of that nature. WD 40 it a lot, blow off with air, and your problem may leave.

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thanks for the suggestions, I will see if the release lever is working
smoothly this weekend.

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