New Honda Carb adjustment


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New Honda Carb adjustment

So what does a fella do when a new 80 dollar carb has a preset mixture screw that only allows only 1/16 to 1/8 turn of adjustment, which may be enuff were the screw enuff full turns out to begin with. The tab must be basically deformed if not destroyed to remove the screw.

The problem is the engine surges and is hard starting. The original carb had a bad seat and is not replaceable. The original also "now" has a conventional mixture screw with no tab. The mixture screw on the old one was replaced due to the tab being preset in the wrong postition and became deformed during the extraction. After, the mixture could be adjusted to allow the engine to run normally.
The mower was purchased at an Auction, and was to have had 0 to few hours on it.
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The screw head is also mounted in such a way that it will break off if you try to tamper with it. I have broken them off intentionally and installed a regular adjustment screw. One other thing you can do is get a set of torch tip cleaners and ream out the jets a little.
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Well its a mute point now, I went ahead and did the dance with the dealer on it. Of course they will only take a return if a "Qualified Honda Tech" is allowed to confirm the descrepancy. However the Honda engine is on an American Yard Pro piece of equipment, so this tosses more shavings on the magnet.
I felt obligated to dance with the dealer as the mower is not mine, and I also proposed my plan to the customer leaving the decision up to him with complete understanding of the situation and possible ramifications.
The fix...?
Twist the dang tab off, pull the screw, file or notch a slot in it, adjust properly, then seal with RTV.
Reamin the jets woulda worked as well Cheese I am sure, and prolly would not be found on a warranty claim...I def keepin that in my mental folder

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