Removing blades and impeller. Need help.


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Removing blades and impeller. Need help.

I have a 10hp "Landmark" snowblower. It's basicly an MTD that was once sold by Home Hardware in Canada. I was clearing some heavt wet snow yesterday and I ran into a problem.
The transmision between the auger and the impeller messed up. It kind of moved forward, and the gears inside are not alligned. (must be a worn or broken bushing inside allowing the gears to come out of place) So the impeller turns but not the auger. I would like to remove the transmision box so that I can open it up and fix it. The problem is even when I unhook the auger blades from the sides of the machine the shaft that runs from the transmision box to the impeller is still stuck. There are two "pins" in front of the impeller on the shaft that seem to be holding it in place. But I cannot figure out how to remove them. They don't have a head on them or anyything. If I could get those pins out I think it would come apart. Anyone know how they come out? Thanks a lot for any info.
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From looking at some parts lists online it turns out the pins I want to remove are called "spiral pins".
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Sorry we missed this post

Is the "spiral pin" your speaking of inside the gearbox or outside? Either way you will need to use a pin punch to remove such. If they are the two outside the gearbox (in other words the two holding the impeller in place) you may not even have to remove them. Unless, of course, the impeller shaft needs to be replaced due to the worm gear being stripped. Again, sorry for missing the post when you first submitted it but let us know how you made out.

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