Dots to line up crank and cam


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Dots to line up crank and cam

On a Honda, GX160, Horizontal shaft, Iím trying to line up the dots on the crank and cam. I see the dot on the cam, but canít find it on the crank. I looked on the shaft and gear to no avail.
Anyone have any clues?

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Oh boy, let me see if I can remember. I think you line the cam dot up with the keyway on the crank gear. Try it this way, and do this to check:

When the cam is timed correctly, you can rotate the engine until the piston is on top dead center in the exhaust stroke. When it is there, both valves should be closed, and if you rock the crankshaft just a tad back and forth, the valves (both) will rock open and closed. The exhaust will open a tad when you rock the crank backwards, and the intake will open a tad when you rock the crank forwards, but both will be closed when the piston reaches TDC.

You can time any engine this way if you do it right.

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