Honda HT3813 Water Cooled Lawn Tractor Timing


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Post Honda HT3813 Water Cooled Lawn Tractor Timing

Hello All. Here's another one I need help with. The fellow who owns this tractor doesn't have any paperwork and unlike Briggs I've been unable to find an IPL online; Unless I want to spend 30 bucks? I'm just trying to help him out but I'm too new, so here I am with tin cup in hand! We need to set the timing. This is a 2 cylinder, water cooled engine. There are several different type marks on the unit and on the belt. Is there a cipher for these marks or are all honda engines different. Hash to hash, Diamond to diamond, Circle to circle? Anybody got a clue? Dang a really good guess would usually do but this thing takes a half day to get to its core?$%^ Many thanks in advance, Ron. (Hello Cheese)
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Hi Ron! Didja pull the engine out to get at the belt? I've done a few, but found a way around pulling the engine. I can't remember the marks at all, and have no literature on them. I do have 2 of those mowers at my place here. Great machines!

Here's how I time the belt, and it works every time: rotate the engine until #1 piston is at the very top of the stroke. The turn the camshaft until the intake vlave closes and the exhaust valve is just about to open. There is a very small spot where both will be closed, but just a hair one direction will open the exhaust valve, and just a hair the other direction will open the intake valve. The point in between, where both are closed is where you want it. Install the belt here. The water pump pulley is also the belt tensioner pulley. Loosen the pump bolts to roatate the pump until the belt is snug. Then tighten and recheck the timing (valve position vs. piston position). You can time any engine this way regardless of timing marks (the marks will be lined up when you do it this way).

A couple of things to check on this engine when working on the timing belt: The crankshaft belt cog tends to collect debris and jam it into the notches of the cog and partially fill them. This is often what makes the belt slip out of time. Use a screwdriver or pick to clean them out. Also, the water pump cog is aluminum and wears a good bit. Make sure the cogs on it are in good enough shape, and won't damage the belt. Also, you should now have access to the starter. This might be a good time to remove it and disassemble it, clean the armature and commutator, replace the brushes if needed, clean and lube the bendix, and lubricate the bushings. I would also replace the timing belt unless it is in great shape. Its about $90, but it beats having to go through this again a little while down the road.

Hope that helps!

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