Type of oil used in water pump


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Type of oil used in water pump

I have a sears gasoline driven water compressor pump. The manual says that the water pump should have its oil changed every year. It lists a sears part number but does not list the type of oil or its weight. Can someone tell me what type of oil I should use and its weight. Thanks.
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My first question is, what is a "water compressor pump"? Not being a smart a-- but last I heard water can't be compressed. Do you mean a pressure washer? Please be more specific or no one will be able to help.
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If you mean the water pressure pump, on a pressure washer just go to any place that sells pressure washers,like NAPA, & tell them what ya got. An expierienced sales person will fix ya up. It may be a Craftsman but the pump will be supplied by a pump company

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