Tecumseh starter motor

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Tecumseh starter motor

Hi all,

I have a Sears Snow Blower that has a Tecumseh starter motor model 33290E on it.

It wasn't working, so I disassembled it. Not beig cautious enough The brush assembly "exploded". I put it back together, but the motor doesn't run.
I think I may have the set of 4 brushes in the wrong order.

Does anyone have a diagram of the brush assembly or can you tell me which order the brushed go in. I've searched the Tecumseh web site and have Google'd with no success.

I thought the two bare copper wires should oppose each other and the two insulation covered wires should oppose eash other, but perhaps not.
I also had to remove the two connectors, so may have installed them in the wrong order

Can someone help a dummy??

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I'm not familiar with the inside of the starters on these, but I'm sure if you call your local electric motor repair shop, they'll help you out
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It sounds like you have the brushes installed right. Do you have an ohmmeter? Check to see if the starter is shorted or open. That will help us figure out what's wrong.
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Angry tecumseh engine hmsk80 starting problems

Same exact thing happenr to me.. Tecumseh HMSK80 on an MTD snowblower. only prob was I broke the ground prong off the electric start receptical. on the snowblower.

Starter brushes out and electric start

Had to replace the cable/plug for this machine. Like you the brushes immediately fell out, and I was trying to be safe and careful.
Like you I found not one wiring diagram to drawing that even came close. Found out the technicians hand book I bought for the engine didnt even have one. only an exploded drawing that showed the connections facing away from you and only being 3/4 of an inch tall square.
Great! The old connection was still there now minus the brushes in the starter, carefully disconnected the three wires of the electric start cable/plug; replacing with the new wires back in, installed the brushes, placed the cover back on. Put the screws back in. plugged in the electrical cable to the wall socket and immediately blew the circuity to the garage.
Now, I dont mean just unplug the snowblower and reset the breaker, like I did. It blew the garage circuiit completely, now I can use the extra ciruit breaker I had as a backup.
Decided to quit for the afternoon, and rey again tomorrow.
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How to hold the brushes in place while sliding the armature back in

I know the OP was not about reinstalling the brushes but I thought since I just did I would post. I took a hanger and with electrician pliers bent in shape of a "U". I used the width of the pliers for a rough size and then cut, repeat 3 more times. With the armature out and power wires disconnected, slip the spring back onto the post on the brush slide into the holder and slip the homemade clip over to hold, repeat 3 more times. Now lift the housing with pressure on the brush housing with one hand and stand the armature on the gear end and slowly center the armature and slide up. Keep pressure on the brush holder so it is in the proper position to receive armature, as you slide in the armature will push off the clips. Now remember to hold the bottom or you will have to do it again.

Reinstall the washer if it is not on the shaft. Connect the electric wires from cap to the original position. Slowly insert the screws again and tighten. connect to a/c and see if it works.
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I had same issue when taking a friend's apart after he had it apart. I thought he had the brushes wrong. I thought I had found something that showed them properly . I'll look around for it.
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2 brushes are connected to the starter cable post. Those should oppose each other, not be next to each other. Same with the other two that ground to the case.

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