Tecumseh problems


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Tecumseh problems

I have a new Tecumseh TVM-220 8Hp motor on a '71 Wheelhorse. Originally the motor had a recoil start. It ran fine. I have now converted the motor to an electric start. I changed the flywheel to a geared flywheel, added a new starter, solenoid and keyswitch. The motor was run out of gas in the winter and then the conversion to electric start came about. Upon trying to get the motor started this season, it had trouble firing up. Once started, the motor sounded very rough. After a minute or so, the muffler started to glow bright red/orange, almost molten. Upon shutting it off, it produced a one foot flame from the muffler. It seems as though it was getting too much fuel. I cleaned the carb out and still the same problems occur. Will not stay running either. Can someone help?
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From what you say, I think someone has added something besides gas to your tank, like maybe mothballs. Even if your float or main jet was making it run too lean, I don't see how it could turn the muffler orange and spit that much fire. Make certain your gas is 'PURE GAS".
hope this helps
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Hello dtittelmayer!

You have one of two problems. Either your carb is set too lean, and not giving the engine the fuel it needs, or more likely: The flywheel key is sheared (since you had the flywheel off). Check the flwheel key, and if sheared, replace it and tighten the flywheel nut to the correct torque. If the nut isn't tight enough, it will shear again. Also, don't oil or grease the shaft where the flywheel fits onto it.

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