Husqvarna 40cc backpack blower any good?


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Husqvarna 40cc backpack blower any good?

Sears has the husqvarna 40cc backpack blower on sale $50.00 off regular $300.00. I was wondering if it was a good deal and good machine. Echo has a similar blower for $300.00 also. I noticed on the husqvarna the carburetor has no high or low adjustments as I didn't see any. The echo does have the high and low carburetor adjustment. The blower would be for home use. Any help, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. dave
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Husqvarna 40cc backpack blower any good

confused: well here's my openion,for what its worth.ya know what they say about openions.Ehco & husqvarna are both good brands.And while Ehco can be used for residential or commercial use,most people use husqvarna for only commercial (because they hold up so good.just like Timax)If I could I'd get the husky,then if ever you would need one to make a little extra $$$.You'd have one that would take all you could dish out.But then that's just my openion.
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Hello Dave!

Both should be excellent machines. I would have a hard time choosing myself, but if I had to, the Husquvarna would probably win the tossup. But then again, don't hold me to it, lol. Look at the warranties, air velocity and volume, etc... and pick the one you like the best. Now I'm starting to lean toward the echo. I better sign off before I change my mind, lol. You win either way. I do like having adjustable carbs, so that might influence my decision considerably if the husq. doesn't have that option. My brother just got the echo backpack blower for Christmas. Sweet blower!
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I would have to agree...although I am a Husky fan. I have a Husky chainsaw now 10+ yrs and I don't know if the carb has high or low adjustments on it or not hehehehe....never done nothing but fuel n oil to it
I have worked on Echo's tho and would also recomend them.
Pretty much which ever ergonomics suit you best and as Cheese mentioned, service and warranty. If sears is selling Husky, I doubt they do the service so you may have a middle man going that route...once again tho its unlikely service will be needed.

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