Stihl edger


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Stihl edger

I have a Stihl FC-75 edger and when you try to prime you get no gas in the bulb. I've taken the 'in tank' filter off...still no gas. What exactly do the two lines going into the gas tank do. One longer one has a filter on it and the shorter one just barely sticks in the tank. I've rebuilt these diaphram carburetors before but my batting average isn't too high. I understand that you have to mantain very clean conditions.
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Hi Jack!

The long line with the filter is the supply line to the carb. The carb draws fuel through this line. The shorter line without the filter is the return line. The primer should push fuel into the tank through this line. The carbs aren't very hard to deal with, but some can be almost impossible to get right. I would start by taking the 2 covers off, cleaning it and inspecting. You might just have some stuck fuel valves (flaps on the rubber/plastic sheet) due to varnish in the carb.
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Stihl edger

Thanks for the information Cheese. What is a good way to tell if your in tank filter is stoppep up? Visually, this one looks O.K. Whenever you press the primer bulb, is some of the excess fuel returned to the tank? Is the fuel sprayed into the carburetor's venturi?
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Usually, when you get no fuel flow with the primer it is one of two problems. Either the screen in the carburetor is plugged or the primer itself is at fault. Being familiar with the feel of the primer is my way of telling whether this is to fault or, if not, open up the fuel pump side of the carb and check the screen.

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