MTD Mower steering stripped???


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MTD Mower steering stripped???

Something happened to the steering on my MTD. I turn the wheel and nothing happens, meaning it's not turning the wheels. Anyone know what part this might be, and or how to fix it?
Thanks, Scott
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It could be several things. I would start at the steering wheel and work my way down to the wheels looking at everything on the way. Wiggle or turn the steering wheel. Look under the hood. Does the steering shaft turn. If so, look further. Is the bottom of the steering shaft connected to anything? Are there any linkages broken or unhooked?
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check the gear at the bottom of the steering shaft many mtds have 2 gears that mesh there and changes the angle
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It is likely that the drag link snapped on one end or the other. The drag link is the liknage that runs from the sector gear (at the steering shaft end) to the left wheel steering arm. Typically, you'll need to replace a ball joint...take a look. Also, post back with the model and serial numbers and i'll provide any part number which you may need. Look under the seat for these.
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serial # and model #

Thanks for the input......I'm going to check it out on Saturday.
Serial Number:1A229C50124
Mode Number: 13All694H062

Thanks, Scott

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