how to do an oil change on a lawn mower????


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how to do an oil change on a lawn mower????

I was told to turn the mower on its side. The
side of the oil tank, and pour out the old and in with
the new. Someone else said its bad to turn the mover
on its side. HELP!!
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Some mowers have a drain plug under the deck and some have one up on the deck. SOME have none at all. In that case you MUST turn them on their side to drain the old oil. Get the gas at a low level first or you will have it running out too. Guess the manufacturers don't think of the mess they cause when draining oil. Good luck.
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If it has a drain plug and you have sawhorses, warm engine up,kill it and set it on the horses. This makes it much easier to drain.
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Safety first

Before you start working under this mower remove the spark plug so
that you don't accidently start the thing by rotating the engine/blades.
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Oil change

For push mowers, hooking the handle under something like the bumper of a car provides easy access to the blade and drain plug on most of them.

For rear engine riders, most are light enough to lift the front end and prop it on 5 gal cans.

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