Exhaust restriction


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Exhaust restriction

Cheese, when you mention "exhaust restriction" on two cycle engines, are you refering to taking the muffler off and checking for a buildup of carbon in the muffler and exhaust port. Also, what is the 'second' fuel line in the gas tank for? The short one without the fuel filter.
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I can answer that for cheese! Yes, check the muffler itself, particularly the inlet port where it mates up to the cylinder as well as the exhaust spark arrestor screen (if equipped). Also, check the exhaust port of the cylinder for build-up. The short line (with nothing on the end of the hose) is a return line coming from the primer circuit. Primer systems on two-stroke carburetors merely circulate fuel through the carb then back to the tank, thereby purging the system of any air. They don't push gas into the venturi like a 4-stroker does.
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Thanks Puey61!

Carbon can even build up inside the muffler and clog it. Some mufflers can't be taken apart to clean and must be replaced when tis happens. Most of the time, it's just the screen that's clogged.
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Yeah,Cheese, I rescued a Homelite weedeater from the dump that ran fine,just no power. Took muffler off and burned all the carbon out with my O/A torch. It runs like a champ now.

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