Simplicity lawn tractor


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Simplicity lawn tractor

13 year old Simplicity lawn tractor with hydrostatic drive barely moves forward while riding up an incline. It doesn't appear to be a belt slippage issue, I took the drive belt off and it is in decent shape. I thought maybe there was a problem with the clutch until I learned that the clutch is used for the mower deck.

The tractor has a newer 16hp B&S engine and the mower seems to work properly. Not sure if this would be an issue with the transmission and if I would be able to fix.

On level ground the tractor will eventually build up speed but can barely make it up the inclines in my yard.

Any help would be appriecated.
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Hello lloyd!

Does the tranny have a dipstick or fill plug? Sounds like it is either low on oil, or needs the oil changed. Different trannies take different oils, so you'll want to find out what oil yours takes before adding/changing it.
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I have yet to see a Simplicity that doesn't have a oil fill/check as well as a drain. Simplicity has their own Hydro oil but sure has the look and feel of SAE30W oil although the packaging has no indication of such. If you have a Simplicity dealer in your area, i'd go with their oil just to be safe.
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There is a trans oil resivoir near the engine that is at the proper level, I will change the trans oil because I have never done that yet

The manual says I can use "30W Premium Grade Non Detergent Engine Oil"

Thanks for your help, I will post back if this oil change works.

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