Popping noises


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Popping noises

I've got a 10hp Briggs and Stratton engine on a 120/240 volt generator. The engine starts and runs good...but...when it gets hot it will start making a "popping" or "sucking" noise. It makes these noises quiet randomly...no particular pattern. I thought I would do a valve seating job on it...what do you think? It has a oil-guard on it but I have disconnected it. What would you look for? Spark plug, ignition coil, carburetor ect. Some times it 'pops' slightly and other times it pretty bad. The numbers on it are M-19E412 T-0107.
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Could be a few things Jack. Most of the time the popping is caused by a lean condition, but I think in your case, it might be valve clearances or seat surfaces. Check the fuel mixture first to eliminate it. See if the popping goes away when you apply a little choke. Also, a coil, plug wire, chaffed or pinched kill wire, or spark plug can do this.
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I'm going to go with a loose exhaust valve seat.
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Must be Mary poppings--no pun intended

Iwould say you got some gummy old gas and the intake valve is sticking because the valve shaft is gummed up.
When you pull out the intake valve and you have to use a come-along to do it, you will agree.

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