Please help - 5hp tiller troubles...


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Please help - 5hp tiller troubles...

Hello all!

Yesterday I was using my MTD/Yard Machines front tine tiller and all was well. Suddenly, the tiller just stopped and from the sound of it, it seemed as though it had lost compression. A quick pull on the cord confirmed that; no resistance (at least no where near what it should be when it had compression). I just finished disassembling the motor, and when I removed the head, the piston moves fine. I did notice that the valves were not moving. After removing the side of the motor casing to investigate, the slinger ring and slinger drive gear looks good (they are attached to the side casing, so came off with the side casing). If I move the crank, the drive gear to the valve lobes moves, but the lobes themselves do not. Also, there is a black fixture with a very small spring; does anyone know what this is for? Is this a hydraulic actuator of some sort? Also, does anyone know if I have to remove the crank and piston to remove the valve drive and lobes?

I appreciate your time and help!


I can e-mail pictures if needed.
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Hello Ziggo!

If the cam gear turns, but the lobes don't, then the camshaft is broken. I doubt this, but it's possible. Sounds like you just have a stuck valve. What make, hp, and model# is your engine so we can get some idea of what we're talking about.
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FYI, you do not have to remove the crank to remove the camshaft. Also, I've seen a couple instances of the camshaft breaking, so it is possible for this to have happened. Are the valves stuck open OR closed?
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Yeah, I've seen it too, but maybe only 4 or 5 times out of who knows how many hundreds of engines, mainly twin cylinders. Come to think of it, I believe most of them were Kohlers. But I agree, it's possible.

I'm not sure I can picture the black fixture with the small spring. The only small spring I can think of inside an engine would be on a compression release on the camshaft.

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