Hit a rock


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Hit a rock

I have a Sears Craftsman 2.0 mower. I hit a rock and now the mower is making noise. It still operates, still cuts, but the pullstart wire vibrates like crazy and it sounds like something is striking underneath. The blade looks okay and I don't see any apparent damage underneath. Any ideas?
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Hopefully you just bent the blade. Worst case, you bent the crankshaft. If it's the crank some OPE shops can straighten it. Some people on the forums discourage this saying the crank may break. I don't know how new the mower is, but being a 2.0, you might have more than half the cost of a new mower in straightening the crank. Take the blade off and look it over good to see if it's bent. If not, start the engine with blade off( this can be tricky without the flywheel effect of the blade), let engine idle, lift side of mower slightly so you can see crank turning and observe if the end of crank wobbles even slightly.
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also check to make sure you didnt shear the key on the bottom of the crankshaft,

try putting the blade on a screwdriver to see if it is off-balance. If you put it on parallel to the ground with the screwdriver through the hole in the middle you can see if it off-balance if it starts to turn.

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