Lawnmower tuneup service question


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Lawnmower tuneup service question

A local harware store near our home has a sign in front of their store advertising Lawmower tune-up for $35. The price seams reasonable, but before I bring in my honda push mower, I'd like to know what "tune up" generally means in regard to lawnmowers so that when I call or bring my mower in, I know if I'm getting a fair deal.
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Lawnmower tuneup service question

when tuneing up a pushmower:change air filter and fuel filter if so equiped and spark plug as well as motor oil.Check or replace kill and any drive cables.Sharpen and balance the blade,if its not in too bad a shape,if so replace it.Check any drive belts and or replace them.Check ignition and fuel systems,crank and run.>>>> just go over real good to see if everything works so as to start out the season in top notch condistion <<<<

And $35.00 is a real good price.
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The only thing to add to repair_guy's statement is that the 35 bucks you pay will cover only the labor, most likely. Parts should be extra, that is. My opinion is that 35 is very fair.

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