Starter Gear Replacement


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Starter Gear Replacement

hey guys i have a quick question, shouldnt be anything hard for someone to tell me, but how do you replace the starter gear on a mower a 12.5 briggs i/c engine? I know there is a pin that has to be knocked out but i cant figure it out any hellp will be appreciated thanks
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It will be one of two styles. Roll pin or C-ring. A visual will determine and appropriate steps to service each such.
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Well there is a little pin that looks like it has to be knocked out to remove the gear, but im not sure if thats the right way or not
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First remove the starter ..... drive the pin out with a punch of equal size ... take off old gear and re-ins tall new in reverse order.....
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Thanks earlier i tried to drive that pin out without hitting to hard and it didnt come out. I guess ill have to try again and hit it a little harder lol....ill let ya know if i get it

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